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Новые вебинары для аналитика, как всегда, радует анонсами интересных вебинаров от гуру бизнес-анализа и не только. В этот раз все предложенные события заслуживают внимания. Рекомендуем! (Текст новости, как и сами вебинары, на английском)

1. BA Effectiveness through Social Traceability & Collaboration

[Webinar (Live)] We’ll demonstrate why BA engaging with stakeholders early and capturing project context provides a clear path for engineering to understand, react, and engage with your product team.

2. The Use Case Technique: An Overview

[Webinar (Live)] Use cases are an effective and widely used technique for eliciting software requirements.  This webinar presents an overview of the use-case approach to requirements elicitation in a practical and straightforward fashion.

3. Agile Collaboration to Improve Requirements Productivity

[Webinar (Live)] Leverage collaboration and pull in the right people to utilize their knowledge at the right moment. Share the right info at the right time to keep everyone in sync and in agreement.

4. Best Practices in Visualization

[Webinar (Live)] Visualization and self-service analytics is changing how business analysts and users gather, process and consume data. This webinar will show customer profiles and in-depth live demos so you can see how analysts are taking advantage of the best new analytics practices. .


08 Ноября, 2013

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